About Us

Lets find out more about Nuutjobs



Nuutjobs was founded to make sure everyone can get a job no matter how crazy or nutty it might seem.

We wanted to make sure that job seekers have a place they can find tons of jobs and a place where employers can post jobs quickly, easily and at a nutty low cost.

Founded in 2020 our goal is to make jobs accessible for everyone.

Who we are?

A team of individuals that prides themselves in making sure everyone can get a job.

We are:

Crazy about customer service

Crazy about people

Network engineers



Sales and Marketing crazies


We just love what we do! 

What We Do?

In our approach we meet the expectations of employers and help them to find candidates for their open positions. We do it so easily that's why they love us.

Job seekers visit Nuutjobs.com because they know that there will always be jobs to apply to. Its with our crazy and nutty marketing strategies that drives them to us. 

And all of this is focused around customer service. We believe that we are a customer service company that just happens to be a jobs company.

Candidates Info

Job seekers can sign up and view jobs for free. There is absolutely no cost to view and apply for jobs. So sign up and begin your job hunting today. Absolutely free.

Employers want employees who love and is nuts about what they do. So we want you to be bold about your career, be passionate, be excited and BE NUUTS!


Employers can sign up and post jobs for FREE so job seekers can apply. Our crazy low cost for additional posting options are really unbelievable. Our platform is tailored to make sure you are happy with our service and will not break your recruiting budgets. We have prices to meet everyone's need.

-Reach up to 2,300,000 Jamaicans on our platform, social media sites and Ads Partner Program.

-Create company profile

-Add company logo on website

-Link to your website

-Self service your ad campaigns 

-Advertise jobs

-Unlimited words in job description

-Shortlist resumes

-Reach thousands of candidates

+ So much more...

Request our pricing sheet today by emailing us at: sales@nuutjobs.com

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