How To Create A Catchy Resume That Works

Posted by on August 29, 2019 at 05:14 PM

Objective and Goal Statements

Objective and goal statements should directly apply to the position desired. You should include those goals and objectives you feel will actually develop over the course of employment with the employer. Avoid using clichéd goals or those without direct relevance. Highlight your qualifications, what you wish to gain from employment and how those skills will help you advance your career within the company. Most managers seek employees that want to stay with the company and shy away from those who apply for permanent positions but list goals that fit better with internships or temporary work.


Experience Information

Choose an experience format that best showcases your previous work. Many inexperienced applicants list their experience in chronological order due to that format’s place as the default in many word-processing or resume-software applications. This format may work well for those with limited experience, but others can offer more insight for hiring managers. Consider listing your previous positions in their order of relevance to the position. The most relevant experience should appear at the top of the listing and the order should descend to the least relevant. Tailor each work duty to show how your existing skills match the anticipated job requirements of your desired position.

Providing Insight

Don’t leave out your particular insight into the business of your new employer. Include information about how your skills translate to work with the potential employer using both your goal and interests sections. Define exactly which of your interests has provided insight into the workings of the new business, and what that means for the employer.


Additional Information

Keep your resume information as simple and honest as possible. Many applicants may try fancy techniques such as using colored paper or strange fonts to attract attention. Hiring managers often find the use of such tactics off-putting and may become frustrated due to illegible fonts or unclear information. Embellishment is best left out entirely, and most employers consider lies on a resume grounds for dismissal.


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