Huge Announcement

Posted by on July 31, 2020 at 12:31 AM

Huge Announcement

Disrupting the current jobs landscape is very important to us. We've gone ahead to develop a modern jobs website that is streamlined, intuitive and user friendly that all can enjoy and use.

We've reached a huge milestone in a very short time by having over 22,000 job applications submitted to just 41 job ads from employers in this month alone. Even with that achievement we have a greater milestone to record.

I'm pleased to announce that Jamaica's premier jobs website is now able to reach up to 2,300,000 Jamaicans. Along with our jobs site and social media platforms we have forged a partnership with an online giant, Facebook. By utilizing this ads partnership we will be able to have a greater reach for our employers that are posting ads on

You will be able to fill your ever growing open positions by reaching more Jamaicans seeking jobs, as our mission is to make jobs available for all.

This is a great achievement for us and for the people of Jamaica. Let's continue to push forward and make meaningful growth and opportunities for our people.


For more info about advertising your jobs with us or Investor relations contact us at

Job seekers visit

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